Lacquer KO-08

Lacquer KO-08

Appointment: aluminum alloys, metal, steel, pipelines, ferrous metals
Temperature resistance: 350°C
20 kg
8 kg
Цвет: RAL 9016. Colorless
Price: 472.00 RUB/kg
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Application methods

Varnish KO-08 has two main applications: as an independent coating to impart water repellency and protection from frost and corrosion to metal, concrete, glass and ceramic products and as a base in the manufacture of heat-resistant enamel KO-88 .


As a manufacturer we can guarantee the vanish storage period for 1 year from the date of production, in compliance with the rules of storage and transportation.


The production of varnish KO-08 is carried out as per GOST standard 15081-78.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Наименование показателей

Норма по ГОСТ 15081-78

1. Внешний вид

Однородный прозрачный раствор от бесцветного до желтого цвета

2. Массовая доля нелетучих веществ, %


3. Условная вязкость при температуре (20±0,5)°С по вискозиметру типа ВЗ-246 (или ВЗ-4) с диаметром сопла 4,0 мм, с не менее


4. рH неводного раствора






5. Время  высыхания пленки до степени 3 ч, не более при температуре (100±3)ºС


6. Потеря в массе пленки, выдержанной при (350±5) ºС в течение 10ч, %, не менее


7. Прочность пленки при ударе, выдержанной в течение 10ч, см, не менее при температуре (350±5) ºС



Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Before colouring the surface must first be cleaned of dirt, soluble salts, fats and oils, and then degreased. Degreasing produced rags soaked in aromatic solvents: xylene, solvent, acetone or any other.

It is also important that the surface before applying the varnish was dry and clean. Staining is performed when the air temperature and the substrate is from -30 º C to +40ºC.

If the thickness of the previously deposited on the surface of the coating is greater than 0.5 micron is coated or collapsed more than 20% of the occupied area, before coloring it must be completely removed in step purification surface from dirt, and then degrease.

Lacquer KO-08 is applied with a spray gun, pneumatic or airless in two cross layers. The distance from the nozzle of the spray gun to the substrate should be at least 20-30 inches depending on air pressure and size of the spray gun (nozzle diameter).

After applying nail Polish, the first layer at 20 ° C. dries in 1.5 hours and the second for 1 hour. Then for fixing all layers shall be dried at 100 ° C for 1 hour.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

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