Primer VL-23

Primer VL-23

Appointment: metal
25 kg
Цвет: RAL 6025. Protective green
Price: 415.00 RUB/kg
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Application methods

Primer VL-023 is designed for priming metal surfaces before application of paints for metal protection at interoperational storage. The primer is a mixture of two components the base and the acid solvent.


The shelf life of the finished primer depends on the temperature of storage and consistent with the data presented in the table:

Temperature, Ssroc date

-10 to +1024 hours

+10 to 208 hours

From +20 to +306 hours

+30 to +404 hours

As a manufacturer we guarantee the primers according to the requirements of GOST 12707-77 at observance of conditions of transportation, storage and application.

Warranty period of storage of the bases and acid diluent 12 months from date of manufacture.


Primer VL-023 is available on the basis of GOST 12707-77.

Наименование показателей


Внешний вид пленки

После высыхания грунтовка должна образовывать ров-ную, однородную, матовую пленку защитно-зеленого цвета

Условная вязкость по вискозиметру типа ВЗ-246 (или ВЗ-4) с диаметром сопла 4 мм при температуре (20,0±0,5)0С, с



Через 6 ч после изготовления вязкость грунтовки не должна изменяться более чем на 20 %

Разбавление грунтовок растворителями, %, не более:

РФГ, 648, Р-6


Время высыхания до степени 5 при температуре (20±2)0С, мин, не более


Эластичность пленки при изгибе, мм, не более


Прочность пленки при ударе по прибору типа У-1, см , не менее


Адгезия пленки, баллы, не более



The painted surface must be cleaned from mechanical impurities, water-soluble salts, greases and oils. Degreasing is done with a rag soaked with solvent, xylene, acetone or other aromatic solvents.

The surface before painting must be dry and clean.

Directly before use, mix base and acid diluent in the proportions of 5:1.

After the manufacture of the primer VL-023 stand for 30 min and diluted with solvent to a viscosity of 16-20 with when applied pneumatic and airless spray, and 20-35 with the brush. Permitted as a diluent use the R-648 and R-6.

The primer is applied to the surface by means of pneumatic or airless spraying or with a brush.

When spraying, the nozzle diameter should be 1,8-2,5 mm. the distance from the nozzle Kras-Craspedites to the painted surface should be 200-300 mm, depending on air pressure and nozzle diameter.

The painting is done on a dry and degreased surface at ambient temperature from +100C to +300C.

Theoretical consumption with a single-layer coating: by brush – 100-130 g/m2, pneumatic spray – 120-160 g/m2 airless spray – 110-150 g/m2.

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