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At present, NPF "Enamel" is a successful enterprise, producing about 100 kinds of paintwork materials: silicone (heat-resistant varnishes and enamels), organic silicate compositions, coatings special meaning (chemically resistant, epoxy anti-corrosive enamels, varnishes and coatings) and coatings General purpose with a stable and an annual production growth.

The mission of our company

Providing consumers with quality and resistant enamels and paints, able to withstand any weather conditions and temperature variations.


The main goal is the development and production of coatings for different areas of the industrial complex: oil and gas industry, civil and industrial construction, fuel and energy complex, oil, chemical, road and agricultural machinery etc. Production of qualitative and competitive products is achieved by monitoring product quality at all stages of its production, improve labor productivity.


Today we have the most modern equipment that allows to produce up to 10,000 tons per year of enamels, varnishes, primers and paints of all types and purposes. Thanks to the inspection system and a modern laboratory ensures the high quality of products is confirmed by certificates and standards of GOST and TU. There is a license for chemically hazardous and explosive production. For each batch issued the hygienic conclusion and the certificate of quality.

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