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Temperature resistance: °C 200
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Silica-organic composition 74-01 OS is designed for corrosion protection of internal surfaces of flues and chimneys, for use at temperatures up to 200C, as well as to create a chemically resistant coating of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.


Silica-organic composition OS 74-01 store in tightly closed containers, protected from heat and direct sunlight.

As a manufacturer of this composition we guarantee its compliance with the technical requirements under the conditions of transportation, storage and application.

Warranty period of storage of the composition OS 74-01 12 months from date of manufacture.


Empty cans and dried-out residue of the composition render the collection of household waste.


The production of organic silicate of the composition OS 74-01 is performed on the basis THAT 2312-33-24358611-2015.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

After drying forms a smooth and even surface without cracks and bubbles;

Drying time OS 74-01 up to 3rd degree varies depending on the ambient temperature:

at 20 ° C – not more than 2 hours;
when the temperature is 150C – no more than 0.5 hours.
The adhesion of the coating does not exceed 3 points;

When the temperature changes from 200°C to -60°C, the coating does not flake or peel;

The coating is heat resistant at a temperature of 200°C is not less than 3 hours;

Viscosity at 20 ° C by viscometer VZ-246 is 20-60 seconds.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Before applying the composition, you need to ensure that the surface of the core requirements. The painted surface should not have burrs, sharp edges (radius less than 0.3 mm), sharp peaks at the welds, welding spatter. There should not be residues of flux, and moulding sand, scale, rust, grease and mechanical impurities. Then remove dust from surface (air or solvents that do not contain oil or water) and degreased (to do this, use xylene or toluene). The degreasing of the surface is produced directly before application and not later than 6 hours after machining when working outdoors, than 24 hours when working indoors.

Silica-organic composition OS 74-01 before use, mix agitator vertical type for at least 10 minutes in the packaging of the manufacturer until the complete disappearance of the precipitate, and homogenous, then allowed to stand for about 10 minutes until the disappearance of bubbles.

Optionally diluting the composition to a viscosity are added to the toluene followed by stirring. The amount of solvent should not exceed 15% of the total.

Immediately before use in the composition it is necessary to add a curing agent TBT in the amount of 0.2 % by weight of the semifinished product of the composition. For this purpose, the hardener is diluted with solvent, oil-based (toluene, xylene, orthoxylene or solvent) in a ratio of 1 to 20 (1:20), and then mixed with OS 74-01 before applying. Prepared with the composition should be used within 24 hours of mixing.

At intervals in the composition should be stored in a tightly closed container, and before starting work, the composition of the mix again and stand at least 10 minutes.

Coatings of silica-organic composition OS 74-01 can be applied as coatings for hot and cold curing.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

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