Appointment: concrete/reinforced concrete, metal
Temperature resistance: °C 300
Органосиликатная композиция с термостойкостью до 300°С и широкой областью назначения: применяется для защиты металлических, бетонных/железобетонных и деревянных конструкций в условиях повышенной влажности. Выпускается в широком цветовом спектре.
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Application methods

Certificates (3)

Silica-organic composition 12-03 KOS has a high weather resistance, moisture resistance, frost resistance and is designed for the protective painting of metal, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, plastered, wooden, ceramic surfaces, steel, embedded parts and concrete reinforcement operated in atmospheric conditions and high humidity conditions. For corrosion protection of constructions of bridges and tunnels. For protection against mechanical and atmospheric impacts of industrial tanks.

According to research and testing laboratory NPO "LKP" "LKP-Khotkovo-Test" the projected service life of coatings based on CBS 12-03 when operating in an open industrial atmosphere temperate-cold and cold climate is 9 years.


Silica-organic composition of KOS 12-03 store in tightly closed containers, protected from heat and direct sunlight.

As a manufacturer of this composition we guarantee its compliance with the technical requirements under the conditions of transportation, storage and application.

The warranty storage period of the composition of KOS 12-03 12 months from date of manufacture.


Empty cans and dried-out residue of the composition render the collection of household waste.


The production of organic silicate compositions KOS 12-03 is performed on the basis THAT 2312-009-24358611-2011.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

After drying forms a smooth and flat surface free of cracks and stains;

Drying time CBS 12-03 to 3 degrees at a temperature of 20°C does not exceed 2 hours;

The adhesion of the coating does not exceed 3 points;

When the temperature changes from 150°C to -60°C, the coating does not flake or peel;

The coating is heat resistant at a temperature of 150°C is not less than 3 hours.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

The surface must be completely cleaned from dust, dirt, ice, snow, layers of old paint with a weak grip. On the surface there shouldn't be oil (fat) and resin stains. If still available, they should be cut down, areas of the substrate after cutting out to fill a Vetonit putty, acrylic VD-AK-00151, penetrating acrylic primer or other materials compatible with the organic silicate compositions.

If KOS 12-03 applied onto concrete, make sure that the surface has no areas vykroshivaetsja concrete or surface layer that has weak adhesion with the concrete mass.

It is not recommended to apply the composition to the brick facades earlier than one year after the laying.

Do not apply organic silicate coatings on wet surfaces. The humidity of the surface layer of concrete or brick shall not exceed 6 %.

Silica-organic composition of KOS 12-03 prior to application, stirred mixer vertical type for at least 10 minutes in the packaging of the manufacturer until the complete disappearance of the precipitate, and homogenous, and then allowed to stand for about 10 minutes until the disappearance of bubbles.


Silica-organic composition is supplied ready to apply with indicators of the relative viscosity of 20-60 seconds, but for operational reasons its dilution should be used only the following solvents: toluene at the temperature of application of the composition from -30°C to +10°C; xylene at a temperature of from 10°to 35 ° C followed by stirring the manufacturer's container. The amount of solvent should not exceed 15% of the total. Introduction 1 % of solvent by weight of composition provides a viscosity reduction of approximately 2 seconds. To dilute the composition immediately before use.

There are several ways of applying CBS 12-03 depending on the viscosity of the composition: from 18 to 25 with pneumatic spray; 25 to 35 with the brush or roller; 30-45 s by airless spray. When applying the first layer of the composition as an impregnation for concrete, brick, putty to improve the impregnation it is recommended that the viscosity of the composition to maintain in the range of 16-20 C.

To obtain high-quality coating temperature of the composition when applied should be close to the surface temperature of the coated product.

The metal surface cross painted in 2-3 layers with intermediate drying between the layers “to touch” of 0.5-1.0 hours depending on the ambient temperature.

Concrete, asbestos cement, plastered, tsementnopeschany surfaces painted no less than three layers.

The second and subsequent layers is performed at a positive ambient temperature of not earlier than 1 hour when spraying enamel, 2 hours when applied by brush or roller. At negative ambient temperatures, the dwell time between coats of enamel increases by 2-3 times.

The number of layers of coating is determined by the thickness of the single layer coating obtained experimentally in each individual case depending on the application method, the total thickness of the coating and polymerization conditions.

The coating dries to a 3-th degree depending on humidity and air temperature for 2 hours, in the future, there is the polymerization and curing of the coating.

At breaks in work arrangement should be kept in a tightly closed container, before the resumption of work the song must stir again and stand for at least 10 minutes.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

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