Lacquer KO-835

Lacquer KO-835

Appointment: metal
Temperature resistance: 200°C
20 kg
8 kg
Цвет: RAL 9016. Colorless
Price: 234.00 RUB/kg
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Application methods

Varnish KO-835 has a temperature resistance up to 200 ° C and is used for coating of metal structures exposed to high temperatures.


Guaranteed shelf life - 6 months from date of manufacture.


Varnish KO-835 is produced according to TR 6-10-931-97.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Наименование показателей

Норма по ТУ 6-10-931-97

Внешний вид лака

Однородная жидкость без механических включений

Массовая доля нелетучих веществ, %


Условная вязкость при температуре (200±)°С по В3-4, с


Время высыхания до степени 3 при температуре (160±2)°С, мин, не более


Стойкость пленки к влажной атмосфере, ч, не менее


Термостойкость пленки при температуре (200±2)°С, ч, не менее


Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Before colouring the surface must first be cleaned of dirt, soluble salts, fats and oils, and then degreased. Degreasing produced rags soaked in aromatic solvents: xylene, solvent, acetone or any other.

If the thickness is previously applied to the surface of the coating is 0.5 µm or more, this coating is destroyed by more than 20% occupied space, before painting it must be fully removed at the stage of purification of the surface from dirt, then degreased.

If the thickness of the previously deposited on the surface of the coating is greater than 0.5 micron is coated or collapsed more than 20% of the occupied area, before coloring it must be completely removed in step purification surface from dirt, and then degrease.

Apply varnish KO-835 is recommended by roller, brush or spray gun in one or three layers, with intervals of interlayer drying at a temperature of 150°C is not more than one hour.

As a diluent to a viscosity can be used xylene, toluene or solvent.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

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