Lacquer KO-815

Lacquer KO-815

Appointment: metal
Temperature resistance: 350°C
20 kg
8 kg
Цвет: RAL 9016. Colorless
Price: 403.00 RUB/kg
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Application methods

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Varnish KO-815 is used for protection of metal, concrete and wood surfaces, which are operated in unfavorable weather conditions with sharp variations in temperature from -40 ° C to 500 ° C. It may be also used as the basis for making heat-resistant and corrosion enamel KO-813.


As a manufacturer, we guarantee varnish storage period - 3 years from the date of manufacture in compliance with all the rules of transportation and storage.


The production of varnish KO-815 is carried out as per GOST standard 11066-74.

Наименование показателей

Норма по ГОСТ 11066-74

1. Внешний вид пленки

Прозрачная жидкость от светло-желтого до коричневого цвета

2. Массовая доля нелетучих веществ, %



3. Условная вязкость при температуре (20±0,5) ºС:

 - по вискозиметру типа ВЗ-246 (или ВЗ-4) с диаметром сопла 4,0 мм, с не менее





4. Кислотное число, мг КОН/г лака, не более



5. Время  высыхания пленки до степени 3 ч, не более при температуре (150±5)ºС


Before colouring the surface is cleaned of all mechanical impurities water-soluble salts and oils, and then degreased using rags and aromatic solvent-solvent, xylene, acetone, or any other.

If the painted surface requires additional protection anticorrosion, the previously it can be covered primer GF-021used at temperatures up to 100 º C.

Immediately before applying lacquer, it should stir and stand before the termination of allocation of bubbles.

Lacquer KO-815 can be applied in several ways: using a roller, brush, dipping or pneumatic or airless kraskoraspylitelem.

The number of layers when applied depends on the material of the substrate:

Metal cross painted in 2-3 layers with intermediate drying between coats to level 1 ("to touch") is 0.5-2 hours.

Construction surfaces (concrete, asbestos cement, plastered, tsementnopeschany) painted in 3 layers.

If the product after varnish is operated in a hostile environment (petrol, mineral oil, salt spray), we recommend to apply a coating thermo chill for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 250-400C.

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