Lacquer KO-85

Lacquer KO-85

Appointment: metal
Temperature resistance: 250°C
Varnish KO-85 can be also used as a basis for the production of heat-resistant enamel KO-814.
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Цвет: Colorless
Price: 198.00 RUB/kg
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Application methods

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Varnish KO-85 can be also used as a basis for the production of heat-resistant enamel KO-814.

Our company produces 3 types of the varnish:

in the form of a concentrate;

economy version with viscosities of no more than 13-14 seconds and heat resistance up to 200 ° C;

standard varnish KO-85 with 250 ° C heat resistance and conventional varnish viscosity of no more than 16-17 seconds.


We guarantee varnish storage period - 3 years from the date of manufacture in compliance with all the rules of transportation and storage.


The production of the varnish KO-85 is carried out per GOST standard 11066-74 on heat-resistant and silicone varnishes and enamels.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Наименование показателей

Норма по ТУ 2312-027-24358611-2014

1. Внешний вид пленки

Прозрачная жидкость от светло-желтого до коричневого цвета без видимых механических примесей

2. Массовая доля нелетучих веществ, %


3. Условная вязкость при температуре (20±0,5) ºС

по вискозиметру типа ВЗ-246 с диаметром сопла 4,0 мм, с не менее, с




4. Кислотное число, мг КОН/г лака, не более


5. Время высыхания пленки до степени 3 при температуре (20±5) ºС, ч, не более



Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Lacquer can be applied by pneumatic or airless paint sprayer, with a roller, brush or by dipping.

Staining with lacquer KO-85 can occur at low temperatures and at high: can be applied at ambient temperature and the substrate is from -30 º C to +40ºC.

Apply nail polish should be on pre-degreased and cleaned of dirt, rust, peeling previous coverage or scale surface.

The technique used may vary depending on the material of the substrate:

the metal surface cross painted in 2-3 layers with intermediate drying between the layers “to touch” 0,5-2,0 hours depending on the grade of material and temperature of the surrounding air.

concrete, asbestos cement, plastered, tsementnopeschany surfaces painted in three layers.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

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