Appointment: metal
Temperature resistance: 500°C
25 kg
10 kg
Цвет: RAL 9006. Silver
Price: 352.00 RUB/kg
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Application methods

Heat-resistant enamel KO-88 is designed for the protective painting of steel, titanium, aluminum surfaces are continuously operated at temperatures up to 500ºС.

The organosilicon enamel KO-88 has a high atmosphere-, moisture-, gasoline is a blend lacquer KO-08 and the aluminum powder brands PAP-2. The price of the enamel KO-88 varies depending on the choice of a one-component or two-component enamel.


Warranty period of storage of the lacquer-basics – 1 year from date of manufacture. After mixing the Polish and powder the mixture should be used within 24 hours.


The production of enamel KO-88 is performed in accordance with GOST 23101-78.

From our regional representatives, whose details appear on the "Contacts" section you can buy enamel KO-88 wholesale and retail.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

Наименование показателей

Норма по ГОСТ 23101-78


1. Внешний вид

После высыхания эмаль должна образовывать однородную гладкую пленку серебристого цвета

2. Время  высыхания пленки до степени 3 ч, не более при температуре (150±5) ºС                                                                                                                                                     


3. Прочность пленки при ударе, выдержанной в течение 10ч, см, при температуре (500±5) ºС, не менее


4. Прочность пленки при изгибе, мм, не более


5. Стойкость пленки к действию бензина при (20±2) ºС, ч, не менее


Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

The painted surface must be cleaned from mechanical impurities, water-soluble salts, greases and oils. Degreasing is done with a rag soaked with solvent, xylene, acetone or other aromatic solvents.

Immediately before use of the enamel KO–88 is prepared by mixing 100 parts of the lacquer KO-08 and 21 parts of aluminum powder PAP-1, PAP-2.

The painting is done on a dry and degreased surface at ambient temperature and the substrate is from -30 º C to +40ºC.

The metal surface cross painted in 2-3 layers with intermediate drying between the layers “to touch” 0,5-2,0 hours depending on the ambient temperature.

After applying each layer of enamel is kept at 20 ° C for 30 min, and then dried at a temperature of 150 º C for 2 hours.

Заключение от РЖД - АК НЕНС

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